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BMS Spark Proof & Safety Tools are available in thousands of standard sizes but we also manufacture custom sizes and configurations to meet your unique needs. For standard sizes browse our catalog. For custom sizes send us your specifications or give us call. We'd love hearing from you.

BMS Spark Proof & Safety Tools are now available with fiberglass handles, making them stronger (10 times stronger than wooden handles) and easier to clean. These handles also provide better vibration control and increased tolerance for adverse environmental conditions.

Non Sparking Tools

What is a "non-sparking" tool?

"Non-sparking", "spark reduced", "spark-resistant" or "spark-proof" tools are names given to tools made of metals such as brass, bronze, Monel metal (copper-nickel alloy), copper-aluminum alloys (aluminum bronze), or copper-beryllium alloys (beryllium bronze). Commonly used hand tools are often manufactured of steel alloys. Preferred "non-sparking" metals have less tensile strength than steels usually used to make tools. A lower tensile strength means the metal has less strength or resistance to tearing apart when stretched under test conditions. It also means that these tools are softer, wear down more quickly than ordinary steel tools, and have to be dressed more frequently.